What I offer


As a translator, my job is about much more than simply changing the language of what you’ve written: it’s about making sure your text will sound as great in English as it did in Dutch or Swedish. That your title will still contain a spot-on metaphor, your tone is maintained, and those nuances between the lines still sparkle.

While I translate all kinds of texts, I’m particularly skilled at more creative, literary texts. Think children’s novels, rousing NGO newsletters, articles about climate change or magical texts for a travel blog.

(For translations of legal jargon, medical reports or articles about supply-chain logistics, you may want to turn elsewhere… But don’t worry: if a text is not my area of expertise, I will always let you know. Fair is fair.)

Editing & proofreading

In a way, editing and proofreading come down to the same thing. They’re about getting your text ready for publication. But there is a difference.

Proofreading is a quick, fairly straightforward process. I read through your text and fine-tune it: no more spelling mistakes, no more mix-ups of British and American English, no more weird grammatical constructs, no more capitals In Odd placeS.

Editing is more thorough. This is where I really work on the foundation of your text, to unearth the essence of what you want to say. Instead of just proofreading, I get my hands dirty: chopping up and merging paragraphs, moving sections around, rephrasing sentences, shortening chapters,… All to present your text in the clearest, best possible way.


Flow. That’s what happens when I write: I pick up a pen and the words simply flow, like one of those meandering rivers in old Chinese paintings. Writing has always come naturally to me. So if you need help finding the words, you’ve come to the right place.

Perhaps you want a website that succinctly explains your company’s mission. Or an annual report that elegantly highlights this year’s achievements. Or why not a funky brochure to convince new members to join your movement?

Let me know what you’re looking for, and I’ll write you a text that captures readers’ attention—from the very first word.

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