About me


My name is Eva Corijn. I grew up in a bilingual Dutch-English environment in Southeast Asia. When I wasn’t splashing about in the pool with my brothers, I was reading stories and teaching myself quirky new words.

That love for words led me to study Asian Languages & Cultures at Ghent University, with Swedish on the side. After obtaining my master’s degree, I moved to Sweden to study international politics. The plan was to become a diplomat, but a stint in student journalism put me on a different track…


I built a career in communication in Sweden’s NGO sector: writing speeches on democracy for International IDEA’s Secretary-General, fundraising stories at Doctors Without Borders, web articles on women’s rights at Kvinna till Kvinna, and marketing copy for international students at the Swedish Institute (meatballs and equality, anyone?).

I started working as a translator and editor in 2017. Today, I own my own company. I collaborate with a range of clients and translation agencies, many of whom have called on me again and again ever since our first project.

I’m a member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (Sveriges Facköversättarförening).

Fun fact

A few days a month, I work at Sveriges Radio as one of their English-language radio journalists. I write scripts, interview experts, edit sound in the studio and present the daily news on air.

Last winter even found me translating and broadcasting the King’s Christmas speech… which somehow involved the European spruce bark beetle. (Click on the microphone to find out more!)

What you may have in common with my grandma…

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